GDPR is coming- Part 2: What this means for your form building

Overwhelmed by the barrage of privacy and security jargon floating around you recently? Read our previous post on the GDPR, to get an idea of how Zoho is dealing with it.

If you're using Zoho Forms and wondering how the GDPR affects your forms specifically, don't fret! We've done all the hard reading for you, so we can break down this seemingly intimidating thing called the GDPR and what it means for your form building.

A side note from our lawyers: While this post tries to explain the essence

This Earth Day, go paperless with Zoho Forms

Whether selling socks or self-driving cars, if you're still using paper forms, you're not doing it right. Here are 6 reasons why you should go digital:

It's 2018, and one of the main priorities of many businesses today is moving toward a more sustainable and eco-friendly model. 35% of printed office paperends up in the trash by the end of the day. That level of waste is bad for business, and using online forms cuts down on it.

An average document is copied ten times. Ten times! That waste of t

Bend your forms the right way, with field rules

We've all had to fill out those long, dreary forms asking us loads of unnecessary questions. As we learned in Forms 101, the first rule of form building is asking your respondent only what is absolutely necessary. The more relevant and intuitive the form, the more likely it is to get filled out. With conditional rules, Zoho Forms does just that. You can control the overall flow of the form by configuring rules to display the next field to be filled in, based on the response in the previous field

Give forms your seal of approval. Introducing multi-level approval workflows in Zoho Forms.

We've helped you create the most efficient forms for every purpose under the sun. Now you can set up multi-level approval workflows that give order to your tedious approval processes. Up your form game with approvals for device request forms, travel request forms, leave application forms, and more. If anything needs to be given a once over by several people before going live, just create a form and add an approval process to it.

Because we need to make sure key people stay in the loop while und

Decisions Made Easy With Group Choices

Everyone loves choices, but sometimes having too many can make decisions difficult. Multiple options can also make creating online forms tricky, so we've rolled out a new Group Choices feature that lets you group the choices on your Zoho Forms.

Imagine that you're organizing your company's annual charity event and sending out registration emails. The event will have a basketball game and a football game, and employees will get a T-shirt based on the team they choose. Teams wearing red and green

Accept and process payments with Zoho Forms

We're going to be covering a very important topic in this post: money. Specifically, how to use Zoho Forms to collect the money you're owed. Whether you're running an e-commerce business or a nonprofit, you can collect payments or accept donations right in your online forms. You just have to get familiar with the Payment field.

The Payment field is a great way to use your forms to turn orders into hassle-free payments. Combine it with the Formula field, and you've got yourself an order form tha

Create smart order forms for your business using Zoho Forms

In our last post, we explained how you could build efficient contact forms for your business.

Now let's have a look at order forms.

Imagine you've been waiting forever for reservations at a special restaurant. But when you finally get there, the floundering waiter mixes up your order because they thought they heard "wedges" when you clearly said "veggies." Now you're staring at a plate of pasta with potato wedges, wishing you had just gotten what you were trying to order. It's hardly the dinin

Your data collection stays on point with the new Zoho Forms integration with Zoho SalesIQ

Improving customer engagement just got easier thanks to the Zoho Forms integration with Zoho SalesIQ. Now you can gather leads and follow up with contextual, data-driven responses, all with this one integration. Here's what you need to know about the integration:

Each time a visitor fills out a form embedded on your website, the data will be pushed to the corresponding fields where you can then track everything from your Zoho SalesIQ account.

What makes Zoho Forms the perfect face for your lea

Online Forms 101: Creating contact forms that mean business

If you've ever thought "What do online forms have to do with my business?" we're here to explain.

Paper forms take way too much time to prepare and fill out. They also add to your list of things to do, like manual data entry—which, like all things done manually, is prone to human error. That's why we're bringing in online forms to save the day. Zoho Forms gives you the tools and resources to build effective online forms for your business.

No matter what your line of work is, we bet you'll find

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