Complete dinosaur skeleton sells for £10,000,000 at Christie's

A complete skeleton of a dinosaur has sold at Christie’s auction house for more than £10million.

Measuring at 4ft tall and 10ft long, the skeleton named Hector is a Deinonychus antirrhopus — a much bigger and deadlier relative to the velociraptor, popularly depicted in the 1993 movie Jurassic Park.

The creature’s true name can be a mouthful, so the author Michael Crichton, on whose book the movie is based, chose to call it a velociraptor which was in fact much smaller.

Auctioneers Christie’s

Tesla crashes into building causing nearly £286,692 in damages

A Tesla driver lost control of his vehicle and rammed into the side of a building at nearly 70mph.

The Tesla taxi crashed into the Greater Columbus Convention Center in the US last week.

The incident was caught on CCTV.

It shows the driver — 63-year-old Frantz Jules — nearly bumping the rear end of another a car before launching into the air and through a glass wall.

The driver was reportedly traveling at nearly 70mph when he lost control of the brakes.

After crashing into the building, the

Scientists grow plants in soil from the moon for the first time

Humans may one day be able to grow plants for food and oxygen on the moon during space missions.

Scientists have finally succeeded in growing plants in soil collected from the moon for the first time.

In the new study, researchers from the University of Florida showed the arabidopsis plant — thale cress — can successfully sprout and grow in soil that was collected from the Apollo 11, 12 and 17 missions.

The study also investigated how plants respond biologically to the moon’s soil, also known

Mark Zuckerberg demonstrates Meta’s top-secret VR headset

Mark Zuckerberg gave us the first tantalising glimpse of Meta’s secretive VR headset yesterday – but still managed to keep it mostly hidden.

The Facebook founder posted a short demo video showcasing some of the capabilities of his company’s high-end virtual reality headset — codenamed Project Cambria.

Facebook’s owner Meta is planning to release the headset later this year.

The demo gave a sneak peek into what mixed reality could look like, with Zuckerberg gesturing toward the cartoon charact

Breakthrough study may have found the reason why babies die of SIDS

A new study has pinpointed an enzyme potentially behind Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS.

Researchers from Sydney have found that that low levels of an enzyme called butyrylcholinesterase — responsible for brain arousal — could be what causes babies to die in their sleep for no apparent reason.

Around 200 babies die every year of SIDS in the UK. It is also known as ‘cot death’ and usually happens between the ages of one to four months, up to six months old.

This phenomenon was suspected

Google's awkward typo while unveiling new language service

Google has been caught up in an embarrassing gaffe unveiling one of its own products.

In yesterday’s keynote presentation at Google I/O, CEO Sundar Pichai presented the addition of 24 languages to its Google Translate service.

But the slide behind him had translated several of the languages incorrectly.

On the slide Pichai was presenting, the text in Arabic reads ‘Sudanese Language’ written backward – as unlike European languages, Arabic is written from right to left.

TechCrunch said the rig

Facebook is being sued in Kenya over alleged human trafficking

Facebook is no stranger to lawsuits and this time the tech giant is being sued in Kenya over alleged human trafficking and union-busting.

Daniel Motaung, a former moderator working for Facebook-owner Meta filed a lawsuit on Tuesday alleging poor working conditions for contracted content moderators.

The petition filed against Meta’s local outsourcing company Sama, alleges that workers moderating Facebook posts in Kenya have been subjected to irregular pay, inadequate mental health support, unio

Adverts are coming to Netflix a lot sooner than we thought

It looks like your Netflix binge could be interrupted by ads as early as this year.

In a recent note to employees, Netflix said it could introduce its lower-priced ad-supported tier by the end of 2022.

The streaming giant is aiming to introduce the ad tier in the final three months of the year, according to anonymous sources speaking to the New York Times.

Netflix’s planned crackdown on password sharing among subscribers will also take place around the same time, said the sources.

While Netf

SpaceX president: We'll put people on Mars 'in this decade'

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has its sights set on Mars, with a timeline of ‘five or six years’ to do it.

The company’s president, Gwynne Shotwell, has said that the Starship rocket, destined for Mars, could likely launch on a test flight from Texas in June or July.

Last week, SpaceX said that its Starship prototype (SN 15) had successfully completed its fifth high-altitude flight test from Starbase in Texas.

SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft and Super Heavy rocket (collectively referred to as Starship) is

Clearview AI agrees to stop selling facial recognition tool to private firms

Facial recognition startup Clearview AI has agreed to permanently stop selling access to its database to private businesses and individuals in the US.

In a legal filing on Monday, the company agreed to the terms in an effort to settle allegations that it collected people’s photos without their consent.

The settlement, pending approval, signalled the end of a 2-year-old lawsuit against the company over alleged violations of digital privacy laws in the American state of Illinois.

Clearview has

Instagram is experimenting with NFTs this week to 'learn from the community'

After Twitter and OnlyFans, Instagram will be the latest social media platform to support NFTs, starting this week.

The social media app will start letting a small group of US creators and collectors to display NFTs on their profile, according to Instagram boss Adam Mosseri.

Mosseri said in a video yesterday that these users would have the ability to display NFTs on their feed, stories, and in messages. He added that the test would be small to start so that Instagram can ‘learn from the commun

Elon Musk reckons he'll boost Twitter's revenue by five times its current level

Elon Musk believes he can increase Twitter’s annual revenue to $26.4 billion by 2028 up from $5 billion last year.

At least that’s what the world’s richest man has promised investors. Aiming for the stars, quite literally, is nothing new for the SpaceX CEO but exactly how does he plan on making Twitter profitable?

Musk is betting on revenue from subscriptions and slashing Twitter’s reliance on advertising to less than 50% of total revenue, according to the pitch presentation seen by the New Yo

Wordle confuses players with two different answers to today's puzzle

The answer to today’s Wordle has left players confused as the New York Times decided to ditch the politically charged word ‘fetus’.

In response to the American supreme court’s draft Roe v Wade ruling, The Times has been scrambling to switch today’s Wordle answer for as many users as possible.

However, players — who often compare answers with friends and family — were quick to notice the discrepancy, taking to social media to complain about it.

The original answer was ‘fetus’, an American spel

Nasa reveals what the inside of black hole actually sounds like

It’s Black Hole Week at Nasa and to celebrate, the space agency has released the soundtrack of an actual black hole.

On Wednesday, Nasa gave us a glimpse inside a black hole at the centre of the Perseus galaxy cluster, more than 200 million light-years away from Earth.

Perseus is known to be a 11 million-light-year-wide bundle of hundreds of galaxies shrouded by hot gas.

In 2003, astronomers discovered that the pressure waves sent out by the black hole at the centre of Perseus caused ripples

WhatsApp (finally) rolls out emoji reactions

A month after its announcement, WhatsApp is letting you react to messages in both individual and group chats with an emoji.

Mark Zuckerberg shared the news about the feature’s rollout in a Facebook post this week.

So far it looks like you can react using six emojis including the heart, folded hands and surprised face emojis.

The Facebook boss said that the folded hands emoji was included ‘to help spread thanks and appreciation’ and added that more expressions were coming soon.

The emoji reac

TikTokers can't get enough of this app that mimics a disposable camera

Following the hype around BeReal, there’s another photo sharing app that wants you to live in the moment.

Dispo is a photo-sharing app that aims to bring back the candid fun of a disposable camera.

Launched in 2019 as ‘David’s Disposable’, it was named for founder David Dobrik, a YouTuber who shot to fame as the leader of the prank YouTube channel Vlog Squad.

Initially, the app was invite-only but eventually opened up to all iPhone users for free. Unfortunately for Android users, Dispo is cur

The CIA wants Russians with state secrets to slide into its Instagram DMs

The CIA has taken to Instagram to reach out to Russians who might want to act as informants amid President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

On Monday, the agency posted a set of instructions in Russian on its official Instagram account.

The post contained instructions on how Russians could make ‘secure virtual contact’ with the CIA.

The post said it was providing Russian-language instructions for ‘those who feel compelled by the Russian Government’s unjust war’ to securely contact the Am

Elon Musk wants to make (some) people pay to use Twitter

Elon Musk, who recently closed a deal to buy Twitter for $44 billion (£34.5 billion), is considering charging a ‘slight’ fee for commercial and government users.

The world’s richest man is planning to take the social media giant private and evidently does not believe in giving away things for free.

‘Ultimately, the downfall of the Freemasons was giving away their stonecutting services for nothing,’ said Musk said in a tweet on Wednesday.

He went on to say that Twitter will always be free for

Here's our first real look at Twitter's new edit button

After last month’s confirmation from Twitter that the long-awaited edit feature was in the works, we finally have our first glimpse of it.

The feature was revealed by tech researcher Jane Manchun Wong who goes digging in companies’ code to find hidden features.

Twitter’s shiny new ‘Edit Tweet’ button will be added to the drop-down context menu where you currently go to pin a tweet to your profile or view analytics for a tweet.

If Wong is right, it looks like you’ll get 30 minutes after you pu

Two women are suing Google over Fitbit burn injuries

Two women are suing Google over burn injuries from their Fitbit smartwatches that weren’t included in a product recall.

Fitbit recalled 1.7 million smartwatches in March after dozens of users said they were burned by them. But it seems the recall did not include all the models at risk.

Customers Jenny Houtchens and Samantha Ramirez launched legal action against Fitbit’s parent company Google for the ‘incomplete’ recall, because ‘the same defect exists throughout all’ smartwatches, Bloomberg re

NFT company raises around £227,000,000 in crypto for 'virtual land'

People have collectively paid around £227,000,000 ($285,000,000) in cryptocurrency for land that does not physically exist.

Creators of the popular Bored Apes Yacht Club (BAYC) collection of NFTs launched a sale of ‘virtual land’ which had users scrambling for deeds to plot in the metaverse.

In an online sale on Saturday, Yuga Labs, the company behind BAYC, sold NFTs called ‘Otherdeeds’, which it said could be exchanged as plots of virtual land in a future Bored Ape-themed online environment c